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Symfony2 community pushing the PHP ecosystem

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 8 April 2011.
Planet PHP

Even if you don't care about Symfony2 or Silex and instead prefer some other framework, there is stuff to benefit from going on inside the Symfony2 community. Not only are the Symfony2 components all build to also work standalone, but key contributors are also building libraries and tools that should proof useful for the entire PHP ecosystem. For an overview of the components part of Symfony2 I refer you all to github. Here is a short overview in alphabetical order of libraries that have spawned around Symfony2 (and just to clarify not at all focused on just Symfony2). Common to all of them are that they require PHP 5.3 and follow the PSR-0 for class loading.

Assetic is a port of the python webassets asset management library. It provides a tool chain to manage, filter and optimize assets like css and javascript files. It looks like it will soon also offer image related capabilities for example to generate CSS sprites.

Behat is actually a github organization that has created a bunch of libraries. The main one is of course Behat itself, which is a BDD framework. But there is also the Gherkin parser, Mink for browser testing and SahiClient for JS test automation.

Buzz is a lightweight HTTP client library.

Gaufrette provides a filesystem abstraction layer already supporting lots of different adapters.

Imagine provides various tools for image manipulation.

Jackalope implements the PHPCR interfaces and provides compatibility with JCR implementations like Jackrabbit. FYI the process of submitting PHPCR to JCR has now been "formally" started

Yet another port of a python library Monolog provides a flexible logging toolchain. One of the coolest loggers is the fingers crossed logger, which collects information in memory but only logs the data in case an error occured.

Snappy uses wkhtmltopdf to generate PDF's and image snapshots of html using webkit for rendering.

Continuing with the theme of python inspired libraries Twig is a lean, yet extensible, template engine inspired by Django and Jinja template languages

PS: I guess I could also add Doctrine2 to that list. While the Doctrine2 community is of course much bigger than "just" Symfony2, a lot of contributions have spawned out of the Symfony2 community.

PPS: Maybe the next big contribution to come out of Symfony2 will be composer.