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The GPL: legit, but may contain malicious code

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 22 July 2010.
Planet PHP

WooThemes's official Twitter account, in response to a request on whether a site giving away all their GPL'ed themes1 for a low fee is in breach of the license:

[I]t's legit, but we don't promote it as the themes are outdated & may contain malicious code.

So that's it, then: the GPL is great until someone copies your commercial work and openly resells it, at which point making subtly unfounded allegations is the best way to save face.

  1. I'm not linking to it out of respect for the work that actually went into building Woo's themes. For the record, I think that what has been done here is despicable, although it illustrates the weakness of the GPL model that the WPF wants everyone to adopt perfectly. a