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The mysqlnd query cache meets Oxid at the IPC 2010

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 14 October 2010.
Planet PHP

How amusing: an ancient write-up on the first PHP Kongress in 2000 edition written by one who later became a mentor of the autor of phpOpenTracker. How boring: a silver guy talking at the 10th aniversary of the conference about some 60% performace benefit for Oxid eShop, an example of a modern award-winning software, if using the mysqlnd query cache plugin (PECL/mysqlnd_qc). How confusing: the same silver guy calls his own benchmarks irrelevant and faulty.

Award-winning technology: Oxid loves the query cache

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Benchmark impressions

At the 10th International PHP Conference I presented 10 benchmark results for Oxid eShop. The benchmark is simple and non-scientific. I am using two machines with x86_64 two-core CPUs, 4 GB RAM, RAID-0 and a 1GBit ethernet. One machine serves as a database server, the other one runs Apache and PHP. My load generator is Apache bench: ab -c8 -n80

I have not modified Oxid for the benchmark. No application changes are needed to use the mysqlnd query cache plugin. The only variable I changed was the PHP binary. I have tested assorted versions of PHP with and without support for PECL/mysqlnd_qc. The query cache plugin works with every PHP MySQL application.

PHP APC mysqlnd mysqlnd_uh mysqlnd_qc Req/s % 5.2.15-dev no no no no 4.61 100% 5.2.15-dev yes no no no 7.44 161% 5.3.4-dev yes no no align=arightano 7.99 173% 5.3.4-dev yes yes no no 8.31 180% 5.3.4-dev yes yes yes [1] no 7.99 173% 5.3.4-dev yes yes yes [1] yes [2] 7.77 168% 5.3.4-dev yes yes yes [3] yes [2] 7.70 167% 5.3.4-dev yes yes no yes [4] 8.70 188% 5.3.4-dev yes

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