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Twitter bootstrap + Zend_Form = ?

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 18 April 1740.
Planet PHP

I dig Twitter's bootstrap library because as a develop, it helps me produce good looking forms. Especially when administration interfaces are concerned, you I can only go so far - my first constraint is not being a great designer (to confirm, check out this blog) and two: I don't like working with ugly interfaces.

To cut to the chase...


It's a decorator library for Zend_Form. Among the Twitter Bootstrap style, it also supports simple and styles - all courtesy of the awesome Michael Scholl. The code is MIT licensed: it should suit your budget just fine. ;-)


(Side-note: We got a PEAR channel.)

$ pear channel-discover $ pear install easybib/Easybib_Form_Decorator-alpha


See the docs folder on github.


Questions, comments and feedback are always appreciated - pull requests are most welcome.