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Uniqueness in Fuel Models

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 6 September 2011.
Planet PHP

As a part of broadening my horizons, I'm back to working with Fuel, a framework that has a familiar feel to some of the ones I've used in the past but has some extra aooomfa from new features and PHP 5.3-ness.

I was working in my models the other day and had a need for uniqueness - I wanted to be sure that the object I was pushing into the database didn't match any other one. I went through the docs and didn't see anything about it and a glance through the source didn't turn up anything either. So, as an alternative, I came up with a method I put in my base model:

class Model_Base extends Orm\Model { public function isUnique($modelObject) { $modelType = get_class($modelObject); $found = $modelType::find('all',array('where' = $modelObject-to_array())); return (count($found)0) ? false : true; } }

The code above finds the class name (the model the object is made from) and tries to find anything with exactly the same properties. The aoto_array()a method is something Fuel has to translate objects into handy arrays.

Fuel ORM docs