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vfsStream 0.10.0 released

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 22 July 2011.
Planet PHP
Not even ten days after the release of vfsStream 0.9.0 today the fresh version 0.10.0 hits the streets, containing various improvements to make your life with vfsStream much easier. Especially when you want to create more than just two or three files it's really noisy to create the directory structure. To ease this vfsStream now provides a vfsStream::create() method which accepts an array and builds the directory structure from it. See create complex directory structures for more details.

Another improvement is that vfsStream now supports flock() meaning that you can call flock() with a vfsStream file url and afterwards check the file instance whether the lock was set correctly. Another requested feature was the possibility to print out directory structures, but I had the idea of providing even more possibilities on what you could do when inspecting the directory structure. For a more detailed view on what this new feature provides check the wiki page about Visitors.

Also this release introduces a BC break. As announced with 0.9.0 the then deprecated method vfsStreamContent::setFilemtime() was removed now - please use fsStreamContent::lastModified() instead.

In order to ensure better compatibility between PHP 5.2 and 5.3 calling support for stream_set_blocking(), stream_set_timeout() and stream_set_write_buffer() on 5.3 was added. However calls with these functions always return false and do not have any influence on vfsStream, which is rather because concrete usage scenarios are a bit unclear at the moment. If you have any ideas or feature requests on how vfsStream should treat such calls feel free to add your comments on issue #15.

You can get the new release via our pear channel.