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vfsStream 0.11.0 released

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 17 April 1120.
Planet PHP
Some minutes ago vfsStream 0.11.0 was released with several bug fixes and new features. Unfortunately this introduces a BC break to the vfsStream::create() method introduced with 0.10.0. While in 0.10.0 it completely replaced the directory structure this is not the case any more. It now only adds the given structure to an existing structure, either to the directory given with the second parameter, or to the root directory without removing any other childs of the root directory. If you want to replace the whole directory tree you can use the vfsStream::setup() method which now has a third parameter. See create complex directory structures documentation for code examples.

Another new feature is the possibility to import a file system structure from disc into vfsStream. This way you can emulate an existing file structure in vfsStream without having to recreate it from scratch. See copy from file system documentation for more details.

Additionally, three bugs were fixed: unlink() does not remove non-empty directory any more, vfsStreamDirectory::hasChild() now doesn't give false positives for nested paths (patch provided by Andrew Coulton), and opening a file for reading only doesn't update the modification time any more (initial patch provided by Ludovic Chabant).

Thanks to all contributors and issue reporters for their help to improve vfsStream.

As always you can get the new release via our pear channel.