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vfsStream 0.9.0 released

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 20 April 3920.
Planet PHP
Today the new 0.9.0 release of vfsStream was shipped to our PEAR channel. This release ships with a new feature that allows (unit) test scenarios which make use of file access time and file attribute modification time. While there is no restriction on usage of the file access time, support for file attribute modification time is still quite limited due to the fact that PHP's stream wrapper do not support changing file attributes via chmod(), chown() and chgrp(). However, this might change with PHP 5.4 but this is some month away from today.

Another issue fixed (well, kind of) is the problem that calls to stream_select() with vfsStream-URLs did not cause problems with PHP 5.2 but with 5.3 - this release makes sure that vfsStream behaves the same under both versions. Unfortunately it continues that stream_select() does not work with vfsStream-URLs as the only possible implementation of the stream_cast() method was to return false. Actually it is expected to return the underlying resource, but there is no such resource in vfsStream, and returning resources pointing to data:// scheme URLs does not work either.

More changes are the deprecation of the vfsStreamAbstractContent::setFilemtime() method in favor of vfsStreamAbstractContent::lastModified(), which means the aforementioned is scheduled to be removed with the next minor release (most likely 0.10.0). You should change your code accordingly if you make use of this method. Last but not least there was a bug that not all given URLs where correctly resolved, leading to the problem that in the second parameter of rename() and in mkdir() no dots could be used, which is fixed now.

You can get the new release via our pear channel.

By the way, did you notice that development of vfsStream has moved to Github?