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XHGui on MongoDB

Note: This article was originally published at Planet PHP on 21 April 1420.
Planet PHP

This has been a long time coming. Sean Coates, Joel Perras, and I made an attempt a few years ago, pounding out a good start over a weekend holed up in Sean's house. Unfortunately, once we left the momentum was gone, and it's just gathered dust since. More recently, at True North PHP, my love for the tool was rekindled, and an off-hand remark to Mark Story led to some vague agreements about doing something eventually. Fast forward to December 2nd, and we decided to release something on Christmas.

So we are.

Mark & I are pleased as punch to introduce XHGui on MongoDB. Our goal was to get as close to the original feature set of the tool I worked on a few years ago (which leveraged the starting point provided by Facebook) and then to release what we had. What we've got now works; there's still a good distance to go, but we think it's far enough that we can ask for help form the community at large.