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Cloning Google Suggest With Ajaxac

This article covers how to implement a system such as Google Suggest using JavaScript, CSS and PHP. To aid us in this process we will be using AjaxAC, an open-source framework written in PHP used to develop AJAX style applications. We will be implementing a clone of this application, from start to finish. This begins with setting up our frontend HTML file and CSS styles, creating our AjaxAC GoogleSuggestCloneJax application, and then linking it all together.

CSS Tips

Here is a list of CSS-related tips. They are basic things you can do within your CSS file and/or HTML files to make your pages faster to download; faster to render; work in more browser; be accessible; be maintainable.

Creating XHTML Compliant Code

This article contains a few simple pointers to make sure all your HTML code is XHTML compliant. This will be an evolving document as there will periodically be new ideas and methods of doing things. It's amazing that despite how simple and fundamental all of these things are, very few people coding HTML get them right.