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Eight Weeks of Prototype: Week 8, A Complete Prototype Example

So far in this series, "Eight Weeks of Prototype," I have shown you some of the extensive features the Prototype JavaScript framework provides. In this, the final article of the series, I will bring many of these features together into a simple example.

Eight Weeks of Prototype: Week 7, Other Prototype Functionality

So far in Eight Weeks of Prototype I have covered the most important aspects of developing robust JavaScript using Prototype; however I haven't covered every available feature. In this article I will briefly discuss other aspects of development with Prototype, that while aren't necessarily core knowledge are still useful.

Eight Weeks of Prototype: Week 6, Writing JavaScript Classes with Prototype

While JavaScript is by design an object-oriented language, it hasn't always been the easiest language to create nicely structured code that is easily maintainable. Prototype helps with this by providing a number of useful features for creating classes, such as the ability to extend classes and to easily group all functions together by using function binding. In this article I will show you how to create classes using JavaScript and Prototype.

Eight Weeks of Prototype: Week 5, Ajax with Prototype

In addition to all of the other useful classes Prototype gives to developers, it also provides a number of classes and methods for development of Ajax-enabled web applications. That is, it allows developers to easily perform HTTP sub-requests using XmlHttpRequest and to handle the response accordingly. In this article I will show you how Prototype makes Ajax development for developers by covering the functionality it provides. Additionally, I will show you how to easily transfer data between your JavaScript code and web server using JSON data.

Eight Weeks of Prototype: Week 4, Event Handling in Prototype

One of the most useful and important aspects of JavaScript developments is that of event handling. Prototype simplifies this process by providing a number of helpful methods for doing so. In this, the fourth article of "Eight of Weeks of Prototype", we will look at how Prototype helps with handling events.

Eight Weeks of Prototype: Week 3, Prototype Data Types

In this, the third article in the "Eight Weeks of Prototype" series, I will teach you about the different data types that can be used in Prototype (on top of the existing JavaScript data types). We will firstly look at the basic string and number types, then look at enumerable types such as arrays and hashes.

Eight Weeks of Prototype: Week 2, How Prototype Extends Elements

When you select elements from the Document Object Model (DOM) using the functions Prototype provides, each returned element is extended with extra functionality. In this, the second article in "Eight Weeks of Prototype," I will show you exactly how Prototype extends these elements.

Eight Weeks of Prototype: Week 1, Beginning with Prototype

Prototype is a JavaScript framework used to help with development of cross-browser code that is easy to maintain and extend. In this first article of "Eight Weeks of Prototype" I will teach you the fundamentals of Prototype, which you will hopefully find useful for all JavaScript code you write.

Reminding Users to Submit Forms

This article discusses a simple technique to remind users to submit a form on your web site before navigating to another page. This is especially useful for long forms where the submit button may be hidden at the bottom of the page, or when editing content in a content management system. The technique described in this article uses JavaScript and works in modern browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Monitoring File Uploads using Ajax and PHP

Because of the limitations of HTTP, it is difficult to monitor the status of files as they are uploaded via HTML forms. While other programming languages have built-in methods to monitor file uploads, PHP does not. This article shows how to implement such a solution in PHP. We will use Ajax to retrieve information about a file as it is being uploaded and display the progress back to the user.

Creating Sortable Lists With PHP And Ajax

You might have been in a situation before where you had a list of items in your database that needed to be output in a specific order. These items could be anything: perhaps a listing of your favourite movies or your favourite books. For whatever reason, you want them ordered in a custom way that can't be determined automatically (such as alphabetical). This article covers the implementation of a system that lets you easily define the order of such a list.