Articles tagged SOAP

Zend Framework 101: Zend_Soap

In this article I will introduce you to the Zend_Soap component of the Zend Framework. This component allows you to easily create and consume SOAP web services. We will create a simple web service with several methods using Zend_Soap_Server, and consume the service with Zend_Soap_Client.

Searching Google With The Google API

This article covers performing search queries on Google using their API. This means you can transparently run a Google search in the background, and then present the results to your users however you want to. The Google API is a SOAP web service. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is an XML schema used for calling a remote procedures (usually) over the web. In this case, the remote procedure is Google search. In this article, we are going to create a single PHP script called google.php, to simply demonstrate how to query Google. Hopefully using this information, you will be able to come up with more advanced ways of using the API.