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PHP A to ZCE: Functions

One of the key features of nearly all programming languages is the ability to create reusable code that can be used on-demand. In PHP this is achieved with the creation of user-defined functions. In this article I will show you how to define and use functions in PHP.

PHP A to ZCE: Error Handling

One of the features of PHP is its comprehensive error-handling functionality. You can control many aspects of how errors are triggered and handled. In this article I will cover the key aspects of errors and error handling in PHP.

PHP A to ZCE: Databases and SQL

Databases are an extremely useful tool in web development as they allow you to store data about users, customers, e-commerce products and orders, or anything else. In this article I will cover the basics of using databases in PHP, including how to manage data using SQL.

PHP A to ZCE: Cookies

Cookies are used to store data on the computer of somebody who visits your web site. In this article I will show you how cookies work and how you can read and write cookies.

PHP A to ZCE: Bitwise Operations

Bitwise operations allow evaluation and manipulation of specific bits within an integer. In this article I will show each of the bitwise operations that are available and how to practically use them within PHP.

PHP A to ZCE: Arrays

Arrays in PHP are the most useful and versatile data structure available. In this article I cover all of the important points you need to know about to leverage the power of arrays in PHP.